Monday, April 26, 2010

Orangesided Goby- Dominica

Paved Clinging Crab- Dominica

Redeye Triplefin (2-3mm)- Dominica

Fairy Basslet- Dominica

Slender Filefishes- Dominica

Cherubfish- Dominica

Hidden Cleaner Shrimp- Dominica

Peppermint Gobies- Dominica

Rusty Goby- Dominica

Goldentail Moray with Cleaning Goby- Dominica

Yellowline Arrow Crab- Dominica

Shy Hamlet- Dominica

Long-Horn Nudibranch- Dominica

Redspotted Hawkfish- Dominica

Sharpnose Pufferfish with Golden Crinoid- Dominica

Sand Diver- Dominica

Juvenile Spotted Drum- Dominica

Longsnout Seahorse- Dominica

Barred Hamlet- Dominica

Balloonfish & Trumpetfish- Dominica

Juvenile Smooth Trunkfish- Dominica

Redlip Blenny- Dominica

Goldentail Moray- Dominica

Longlure Frogfish- Dominica

Juvenile French Angelfish- Dominica

Spinyhead Blenny- Dominica

Blackbar Soldierfish- Dominica

Butter Hamlet- Dominica

Female Darkhead Blenny- Dominica

Banded Butterflyfish- Dominica

Longsnout Butterflyfish with Graysby- Dominica

Spotted Moray- Dominica

Bicolor Damselfish- Dominica