Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've been SCUBA Diving for the last 25 years. About seven years ago I started taking pictures. After I flooded my film camera in the Red Sea in '05 I switched to digital. Here are some of the images I have collected on my adventures.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jonah Crab- Rogue Island, Harpswell, ME

Blood Sea Star on Orange Sheath Tunicate- Rockport, MA

Winged Sea Star on Red Beard Sponge- Rockport, MA

Mottled Red Chiton- Rockport, MA

Fan Worms- Rockport, MA

Winter Flounder- Rockport, MA

Sea Vase Tunicates- Rogue Island, Harpswell, ME

Homarus americanus- Rockport, MA

Radiated Shanny- Rockport, MA

Frilled Anemone with Green Sea Urchins- Rockport, MA

Polar, Blood and Northern Sea Stars with Dead Man's Fingers- Rockport, MA

Ghost Anemone- Rockport, MA

Orange Sheath Tunicate- Rogue Island, Harpswell, ME

Waved Whelk- Rockport, MA

Winter Flounder- Rockport, MA

Juvenile Cunner- Rockport, MA